The DHS Employee Network was chartered as an official, independent employee association (Directive 112-06) in July 2011 by a group of DHS employees formerly known as Homeland Young Professionals (HYP).   HYP evolved into DHS Emerging Leaders (DEL) and eventually DHS Employee Network (DEN) in order to be more inclusive of all leaders within the DHS community. DEN’s current membership consists of over 500 employees across all components and divisions.  Our mission is to foster “Unity of Effort” through professional development and community engagement.  Since its inception, DEN members have led and supported a wide range of professional, social, and volunteer initiatives.


These initiatives include:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Hosting Department senior leadership such as Secretary Napolitano (March 2012)
  • Speed Mentoring Events – Connecting members to DHS leaders in facilitated introductory settings with the goal of fostering sustainable mentoring relationships
  • Featured Speaker Events
  • Networking Events – Peer level, scheduled monthly