Moving Ahead as a Fed: Breaking Free from Your Federal Job Rut


Moving Ahead as a Fed: Breaking Free from Your Federal Job Rut 


Have you been in your current Federal position for over a year and you can’t seem to move up? Learn the building blocks to developing a strategy to help you jump-start your Federal career.


March 2nd Noon-1:30


Room 102 1616 N. Fort Myers Drive


Reserve to Get On The List


Cut and Paste into your web browser if control+click to follow doesn’t work for you.


This is a Free event. It is open to all badged DHS employees and badged contractors. Sponsored by DEL. A DHS employee association- Uniting Leaders, Igniting Change. Our web site can be found at:  If for some reason you do not succeed at getting a ticket documenting your reservation please contact so that I can get you on the list.


Rosslyn is the nearest metro. There is parking for a fee downstairs.


This is an incredible speaker!!


Corliss Taylor Jackson, President and CEO of Federal Job Results, is an expert on the Federal Government’s hiring process. As a former GS-15 Human Resources Manager, she has over 10 years of hands-on work experience at the Office of Personnel Management and the US Department of Health and Human Services. The consulting services she now provides to various Federal agencies continues to broaden her expertise. She and her staff utilize this unique “insider’s view” to translate their client’s background into the special “Federal language” and “Federal format” required to gain the attention of the Federal hiring staff. As a Certified Federal Career Counselor, Certified Federal Job Search Specialist and Certified Federal Resume Specialist, Corliss is a community focused business woman committed to helping professionals in transition during this challenging economic period. Ms. Jackson and her staff of professional writers and editors provide individual guidance to job seekers around the world and deliver several on-line and traditional training courses on how to “Crack the Code” of the Federal hiring process. Ms. Jackson is responsible for creating thousands of Federal applications resulting in an extraordinary track record of client referrals, interviews and Federal job offers. Corliss Jackson holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from The Ohio State University and earned the designation of Global Career Development Facilitator and Instructor.



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