DEL Quiz: How well do you know DHS?

Think you know DHS? Answer these five questions to check your knowledge:

The Department of Homeland Security was formerly called the Office of Homeland Security.
That’s actually true! Before the Department of Homeland Security was established, President George W. Bush announced the formation of the Office of Homeland Security, which later became DHS.
Try again!
 Who was the first Secretary of Homeland Security?
Michael Chertoff
Try again!
Janet Napolitano
Try again!
Tom Ridge
Correct! Secretary Ridge became the director of OHS on October 8, 2001. Once DHS was established, his role transitioned into the Secretary of Homeland Security.
The Department of Homeland Security is comprised of how many agencies?
Try again!
Try again!
Prior to the creation of DHS, the United States Coast Guard was part of which department?
Department of Transportation
Correct! Though many assume the USCG was part of the Department of Defense, it was actually under the umbrella of the Department of Transportation.
Department of Defense
Try again!
Department of Justice
Try again!
DHS has approximately how many employees?
Try again!
Try again!



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