Book of the Month -Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

The first edition of Not Everyone Gets A Trophy proved to be wildly useful to managers who lead the young workforce—many consider the book required reading for every leader. To continue bridging the gap between generations within any industry, Bruce Tulgan pushes his original concept further in this Revised and Updated edition with new research into the finer distinctions between the first and second wave Millennial generations along with expanded best practices for engaging, motivating, and retaining top talent.

The step-by-step approach covered inside is grounded in more than a decade of data collecting and analysis, as you’ll see firsthand through actual conversations with Millennials and those who manage them. This revealing look into the expectations each generation brings to the workplace comes with reliable, concrete ways to get Millennials onboard and integrated into your company’s culture. This vastly misunderstood demographic of young workers is driven, innovative, and hungry for success in the real world, without sugarcoating—they just need the right type of leadership to show them how to attain the money, flexibility, training, interesting projects, and access to decision-makers they want. All-new case studies illustrate timely scenarios team leaders encountered in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, construction, computer programming, consulting, customer service, and many others. Even if you’ve read the first edition, this expanded edition gives you such eye-opening takeaways as:

  • All-new coverage discussing Millennials as two distinct generations—Generation Y and now Z
  • Evidence-based debunking of the most common myths about Millennials in the workplace
  • Handy action steps for tuning into Millennials’ unique mindsets and motivations
  • The four secrets to providing the “parental” tutoring support Millennials crave without assuming emotional responsibility



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