8 Myths About Millennials At Work That Need To Die @FastCompany

“Entitled, tech-driven job hoppers.” That’s how some people might describe millennials, but Brad Harrington was tired of hearing the stereotypes. As executive director of Boston College Center for Work & Family, he works closely with millennials, many of whom are completing undergraduate degrees and pursuing MBAs.

“Some of the things people were saying didn’t jell with my experience of this generation,” he says. “I’ve always had difficulty swallowing assumptions, and I was seeing millennials with a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed.”

So Harrington decided to separate myth from reality. Partnering with KPMG, an audit and tax advisory firm with a workforce made up of nearly 60% millennials, he conducted a study to find out how young adults navigate their careers.

“Millennials are different than other age groups, but also they’re similar in meaningful ways,” says Harrington.

After surveying 1,100 millennial professionals, he found several beliefs about them that didn’t hold true. He shares eight myths about this generation and how they view the workplace:

Myth No. 1: They Job-Hop

Myth No. 2: They Favor Technology Over In-Person Communication

Myth No. 3: Their Parents Have A Big Impact On Their Careers

Myth No. 4: They Follow The Gender Roles Of Their Parents

Myth No. 5: They Do The Minimum Required

Myth No. 6: They Believe Their Career Is The Greatest Measure Of Success

Myth No. 7: They’re More Socially Conscious

Myth No. 8: They’re Unwilling To Make Commitments

Read all about these myths at http://www.fastcompany.com/3054158/the-future-of-work/8-myths-about-millennials-at-work-that-need-to-die



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