How Millennials Navigate Their Careers @BCCWF

Millenials Career

Much has been written and said about the so-called “Millennial generation.” Perhaps no age group has generated more articles, books and blogs than our present crop of young adults (ages 18-35). Additionally, perhaps no generation has been saddled with more labels, clichés and stereotypes than the very large cohort of professionals who have entered the workforce since the turn of the 21st century. Generational “experts” have variously asserted that this group is driven, lazy, hard-working, entitled, ambitious, self-centered, socially responsible, disloyal, and committed… take your pick. If you apply enough contradictory labels to any large group of individuals, some of those are bound to be accurate at least some of the time. At the very least, they will have the ring of truth to those who are disposed to that point of view, but they hardly equate to knowledge grounded in rigorous research.

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