A Day-By-Day Guide To Get Your Next Dream Job (@FastCompany)

There are certain times in life when it pays to look at what you have and be happy with it—rather than angle for a shiny upgrade.

Your old, reliable car fits this bill. So does your perfectly fine tablet or iPhone.

For most of us, however, jobs are an exception to this rule.

No matter how much you love your gig, it pays to keep your options open for other opportunities and higher salaries, says Jill Jacinto, associate director of WORKS, a company focused on helping women reach their career goals.

That’s not to say you should constantly be in job-search mode, particularly if you’re learning and growing in your current role. But it’s a good idea to continuously try and improve your ability to get a job—even when you’re not actively looking.

As Jacinto notes, “You never know where the next opportunity will come from.”

So whether you’re in full-on search mode, just starting to check out job sites, or perfectly happy to stay put, here are seven simple ways you can boost your hireability in just one week.



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