The millennials have landed, and the workplace is never looking back.

For millennials, it’s not about entitlement. It’s about engagement.
Close the technology gap or get left behind.
Zero tolerance for outdated training & technology.

It’s time to get onboard with their lifestyle:

Go mobile — give them the flexibility they want, combined with the tech they can’t live without. Nearly all millennials are permanently attached to their smartphones: four out of five even sleep with a phone or have it beside them.

Get social — include elements for social sharing and engagement. 70% of millennials have friended a manager or co-worker on Facebook.

Stay bite sized — millennials switch between tasks up to 27 times per hour. That doesn’t give you much time (around 2.2 seconds) to get your message across. Think short videos (five minutes or less) and resource libraries where they can guide their own studies.

Foster collaboration — 88% of millennials would rather collaborate than compete at work.

Give feedback (and fast) — 95% work harder when they know where their work is going. Remember, this is the instant gratification generation, so provide same-day feedback if possible.

Set the framework, then set them loose — tell them what’s expected of them, and get out of their way. This generation is all about discovery, curiosity, and maintaining control of their own destiny.

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