Keeping Millennials Engaged in Government (@FedManager)

Given the importance of engagement, what specific steps can managers take to help others, including Millennials, stay engaged? Here are 3 things managers should encourage every Millennial to think about as they dive into a Government career:

  1. Servitude and Leadership. In order to lead, one must follow. Remind others of the need to take ownership of a career path regardless of where you start. Remind them that you get more by asking for more. Suggest that those you council volunteer or look for ways inside and outside of the office to develop skills. Call attention to agency workgroups. Of course taking on more will increase workload; however, success often requires more than just doing our basic jobs. And remind others to manage-up. Although not currently in a leadership position, an individual can develop leadership skills by advising a supervisor.
  2. Have a Board of Advisors. A Champion is a person or group who fights or argues for a cause or on your behalf. A board can include can include a mentor, sponsor, or even a supervisor. These people know you and your aspirations and are completely supportive. In essence, they will go bat for you.
  3. Establish your brand and know what you want to broadcast to the world. First impressions are lasting impressions. Be careful how you interact with people. Never judge people by their titles because you never know to whom they are connected. Be authentic and likeable so people will want to help you. Most of all “be the person you want to see” – and treat yourself as if you are the person you desire to be.

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