83% of Millennials-Now Largest Group of New Parents-Would Leave Their Job for One with Better Family/Lifestyle Benefits

We all know salary is important when it comes to considering a new job offer. However, according to a Care.com Workplace Solutions Better Benefits Survey , better family/lifestyle benefits such as family-care assistance, a flex work schedule, and paid parental leave directly impact an employee’s decision to make that final move. That is especially true for millennials, who represent 90% of new parents according to Goldman Sachs, with 83% willing to make a job change based on family/lifestyle benefits. In addition, 41% of working parents say a lack of these family assistance-related benefits have even negatively impacted their work performance.”Our survey results show a direct correlation between family care benefits and workplace performance, as well as employee recruitment and retention,” said Donna Levin, Co-founder and Vice President of Care.com Global Workplace Solutions. “The lack of these benefits is affecting employees’ overall work performance, and impacting companies in lost productivity and reduced employee retention. With the largest part of today’s workforce comprised of millennials and this generation representing 90% of new mothers in 2014, it’s especially important for employers to take this generation’s needs into consideration.”

How Do Family/Lifestyle Benefits Impact Employee Productivity and the Bottom Line? 35% think a lack of family assistance-related benefits has negatively impacted their work performance; this rises to 41% of those with children. In fact, 90% of employees have left work due to family responsibilities (39% frequently and 47% occasionally/often) and 30% have cut back more than six hours per week for this reason. 11% of employees have cut back more than 10 hours per week due to family responsibilities.

“A report from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors looking at millennials’ stance on numerous work-life factors concludes that quality of life is a main focus for this generation. Employers should really take this into consideration when thinking about what their employees actually want and need out of a benefits program,” stated Levin.

Read all about it at https://www.ifebp.org/Pages/articleviewer.aspx?article=http://www6.lexisnexis.com/publisher/EndUser%3FAction%3DUserDisplayFullDocument%26orgId%3D2778%26topicId%3D100023899%26docId%3Dl:2424941446%26start%3D1%26topics%3Dsingle


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