Want to Develop Your Skills? No Budget? No Problem! Check Out @GovLoop Academy!

GovLoop Academy

For the past 7 years, GovLoop has connected over 200,000 federal, state and local government employees like you, helping to foster collaboration, share insights, solve problems and advance careers. In 2014, over 30,000 government employees attended GovLoop online trainings and events, and accessed resources to help them do their jobs better. This is exactly why Steve Ressler founded GovLoop in 2008 as a federal employee, searching for answers to common government problems.

GovLoop Academy is an evolution of GovLoop’s growth to inspire public sector professionals to better service as the knowledge network for government. GovLoop Academy transforms learning for government with highly relevant, free and engaging learning experiences.

GovLoop Academy is easy-to-use and built to support real-time learning for an increasingly mobile and distributed government workforce. The Academy features 25+ courses covering a wide range of topics for government employees’ personal and professional development, including: communication, citizen engagement, innovation, technology, project management, productivity, budget processes and performance management.

Check out the great, free courses they offer at https://academy.govloop.com/courses/.

GovLoop Academy Curriculum


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