DEL Members Should All Join Young Government Leaders (@YGLNational)!


If you are readying this blog, you should also consider joining the Young Government Leaders chapter in your area.

Young Government Leaders (YGL) is committed to providing the authentic voice for our generation of aspiring government leaders. Their membership consists of over 5,000 young federal, state, and local government employees and is growing every day. They are the only 501 (c)3 non-profit professional organization founded by, and led by, young government employees. They are actively building a community of leadership for young public servants across the country, through professional development activities, networking opportunities, social events, seminars, fellowships, and scholarships.

We have a strong presence in Washington, DC, and energetic regional chapters in Boston, Bethesda, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, along with emerging chapters in Albuquerque, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Seattle. YGL is the premiere professional organization for young government employees, no matter where you’re located.

Find out more, and join today, at

YGL Chapters


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