ICYMI – Report of the DHS Employee Task Force – Recommendations for Improving Engagement

Morale Report

The Task Force believes that there are a number of actions that can be taken that will markedly improve morale within the Department and concurrently enhance the extent of the Department’s success in carrying out its mission. The steps needed are not “rocket science;” but do require commitment by every level of management and extreme diligence in following through their implementation. The Task Force offers four general recommendations in the areas of management, training, personnel development and communications. More significantly, it also offers 27 implementing actions. Because of the intentional brevity of this report, these recommendations and actions are not repeated in this summary but can be found in the section entitled “Recommendations.”

One general observation, however, is offered; namely, experience strongly suggests that morale issues can only be dealt with by changing the conditions that underlie the extant morale—not by meetings, pronouncements or repeated surveys. In fact, the latter actions are often counterproductive. When an individual is repeatedly asked (particularly by a person in a senior position), “Are you OK?”, soon that individual begins to wonder if indeed they are “OK.” In the case of the Department of Homeland Security, the time has come to cease discussing morale as an end in itself and focus on implementing the actions needed to correct the problems that undermine morale. As in most circumstances wherein an individual or organization suffers a loss of confidence, the only solution is to “perform.”

Read the full report, and all 27 recommendations at http://www.securityinsights.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/HSACMoraleTFReport.pdf.

Do  you agree with  any of these recommendations?  Which ones?


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