Millennials Say They’ll Relocate for Work-Life Flexibility

This week, global professional services firm EY released new findings from a global survey about the work-life challenges today’s employees confront. It asked 9,700 full-time workers in eight countries, and in companies of varying sizes, about what makes today’s workers tick—and ticked off.

One strong message from the data is that, in the United States, Millennials want flexible work arrangements — and indeed, feel they desperately need some flexibility. But they worry about “flexibility stigma”—the likelihood that they’ll be labeled less than fully committed to work if they avail themselves of arrangements like flex time and paternity leave — and as a result suffer negative job and career consequences.

Managing the growing overlap of work and life has become harder for this younger generation and for parents especially in the last five years: one of every three full-time workers surveyed reports this. The reason? Both sides of the work-life scale have become heavier. Globally, approximately half of managers work more than 40 hours per week and 40 percent say their hours have increased in the past five years. Millennials’ and parents’ hours have climbed the most. While about half of Millennials cite increased responsibilities at work as a leading cause of their heightened work-life conflict, 44 percent cite increased responsibilities at home.

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