#PSRW Faces of Government – President’s Lifetime Achievement Service Award Winner Warren Ratis

During Public Service Recognition Week, we are honoring those DHS employees who earned the President’s Lifetime Achievement Service Awards (over 4,000 hours of volunteer service).  Here is CBP Officer Warren Ratis’ story in his own words.

“I joined the Civil Air Patrol which is the US Air Force Auxiliary in August of 1994. At the time I was already a pilot and wanted to combine that skill with giving back to the community. There are many opportunities for involvement. The four basic areas that I have focused on are Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Homeland Security and Counterdrug Operations. I have served as a member of cockpit crews (Pilot, Observer, and Scanner), Ground Support (Communications and Ground Search and Rescue Teams) and as mentor to our Cadets. Most recently I am assigned to NY Wing as the Homeland Security Officer and have an Additional Duty Assignment as the Long Island Group Counterdrug Officer.”

CBPO Warren Ratis

JFK International Airport

LTC Ratis participated in the CAP flight, requested by both New York’s then-Gov. George Pataki and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and subsequently approved through the Pentagon, “provided the first direct aerial perspective of the disaster site for the state of New York” on September 12, 2001.

LTC Ratis Story

Warren Ratis CAP (3)


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