Tips to help Millennials save and invest for retirement @USAToday

It’s not easy being a working Millennial or Generation Xer these days. You’ve got student and maybe credit card debt to pay down. Plus, you likely have to set aside money for an emergency fund, maybe an engagement ring, and a down payment on a car and house.

You’re also being told to start saving and investing for retirement — even if it’s 40 or more years away.

And, oh yes, you also have a life to live with whatever discretionary income you have left over after completing all those financial-planning tasks.

So what’s a Millennial or GenXer to do? What’s the best way to manage all your short- and long-term financial goals? Should you tackle them one at a time — debt first, then retirement — or all at once? And how should you invest for retirement?

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We are getting ready to host a “Financial Wellness” Workshop for New DHS employees.  If you are interested in attending, let us know what topics we should cover to help you manage your finances.


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