OPM “REDI” to Improve Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI)

OPM Director Archuletta unveiled the new REDI roadmap yesterday (see infographic below).

When it comes to recruitment, the REDI roadmap outlines efforts to improve the way the Federal government attracts, recruits, and hires new talent. We also want to help agencies eliminate barriers to recruiting and hiring the diverse talent they need. By making data-driven decisions, we will improve and tackle key areas, including:
•Untying hiring knots.
•Revitalizing USAJOBS.gov.
•Improving the effectiveness of the Pathways Program.
•Expanding the use of social media tools for strategic recruitment.
•Enhancing OPM’s role as a premier source for innovative recruitment and hiring tools and services.
•Expanding partnerships with stakeholders, including colleges and universities.
•Eliminating barriers to attracting diverse talent to the Senior Executive Service.

Engagement is another key element of REDI. Research in the public and private sectors tells us that the more engaged an employee is, the more productive and effective that worker will be. Research also shows that engagement is tied to service, quality, safety, and retention. The roadmap’s engagement strategy includes:
•Promoting and expanding the use of the Unlocktalent.gov, an interactive data visualization tool.
•Using social media tools to honor and recognize the Federal workforce.
•Working with the Chief Learning Officers Council to build a government-wide mentoring hub.
•Training employees in the New Inclusion Quotient, which expands understanding of how employee engagement and inclusion drives organizational performance.
•Collaborating with Federal affinity and employee resource groups.
•Offering customized training solutions.
•Launching GovConnect, which allows employees to share knowledge, collaborate, and apply their skills to solve agency problems.

Read all about it at http://www.opm.gov/blogs/Director/ or visit http://www.opm.gov/about-us/our-director/americas-workforce/.



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