Book of the Week – Manager 3.0!

Managers 3.0

Millennials mean business, and they are shaking up the workplace as they enter management roles for the very first time.

They are tearing down the corporate ladder, communicating on the fly, and bringing play to work. Millennials are creative, big thinkers, and they will change the face of leadership – IF they can bridge the gap between the hierarchical management style of senior executives and the casual, more collaborative approach of their peers.

Manager 3.0: A Millennial’s Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management is the first-ever, comprehensive management guide for millennials. Gen Y will gain insights on what makes the four generations in the workplace unique and how they can successfully bring out the best in each.

Through interviews and examples from companies like Zappos, Groupon, Southwest Airlines, and Google, millennials learn how to deal with difficult people, deliver constructive feedback, and make tough decisions to be a savvy leader that people want to follow.

Check it out at


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