Study Shows Secret To Managing Millennials Can Be Summed Up In One Word

Millennials Want to Be Coached at Work, by Karie Willyerd, discusses the findings of a survey of 1400 Millennials conducted by SuccessFactors in partnership with Oxford Economics.

The study shows that Millennials want, and do well, with feedback – and, comparatively speaking, lots of it. “They crave — and respond to — a good, positive coach, who can make all the difference in their success,” Willyerd writes. “Millennials told us they want more feedback from their managers… Most Millennials want feedback at least monthly, whereas non-Millennials are comfortable with feedback less often. Overall, Millennials want feedback 50% more often than other employees.”

According to the study, Millennials look to their direct manager (as do most employees) as their “number one source of development.” Only 46%, however, felt that their managers provided the development feedback they were looking for. In short, “There’s a lot of room for improvement,” the article notes. This is entirely consistent with other studies, as well as my own observations. No matter what employee population you’re dealing with, employee development is a chronically neglected management function. In the all-too-busy everyday world of business, the demand for employee development consistently exceeds the supply.

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