Your New DEL Board Members!

Below are the bios and goals for all of the 13 members of the DEL board. Board members help the co-Presidents to run DEL and to arrange for activities and events during the year.

1. Terrence (Terry) Hill, HR Specialist, DHS HQ – Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
Board Position: Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Contributor

Public Sector 5K 2

Bio – Member of DEL from the beginning. Dedicated to helping to retain and engage Millennials. Believer in the power of employee associations and collaboration between agencies. Over 10 years with DHS. Active on virtually every social network.

Goals: Provide engaging events to build camaraderie among young DHS employees. Provide information and resources to ensure the success of the next generation of DHS employees.

2.  William K Kuhn, Community Preparedness Program Specialist, Presidential Management Fellow (PMF), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region IX, Oakland, California


Bio: Driven by my experiences as a US Army infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, I strive to bridge gaps between theory and practice as well as linking policy goals with those impacted by said policy, which involves people and communities. After I attended graduate school at Arcadia University studying International Peace and Conflict Resolution allowing me to work both with government and non-governmental entities, developing policy recommendations for the ethnic integration of the Kosovo police service. Through my education and experiences I have focused on international stability and security operations and my position as a PMF with FEMA enables me to further expand my knowledge of domestic security. Lastly, I regularly work with community organizations, like the Empowered Communities Program and Team Rubicon, on improving preparedness efforts for underserved populations; providing a renewed perspective on what it means to work for our citizens and their communities.

Goals for DEL in 2015:
• Develop a professional 1-2 day workshop supported by DEL members addressing what it means to be an emerging leader in DHS/the federal government.
• Introduce videos to the DEL website/blog that highlights member experiences and what it means to be part of DEL in an effort to expand membership and knowledge surrounding DEL.
• Expand volunteering amongst DHS locations beyond the Capital Region.

3.  Kenneth Sullivan, Program Analyst, IP/NICC, NPPD

Ken (Second From Left)

BIO: I am in my eleventh year with DHS. My interests are to remain at DHS and be part of the solution to improve the satisfaction numbers of my coworkers at DHS. I want to expand the Individuals Matter and Cause Transformation (IMPACT) Project I began. New ideas have been generated to make Homeland a better place to work. I also plan to do another Hurricane Sandy Restoration Trip in May, 2015.

List of Goals for DEL in 2015
• Define DEL needs
• Learn about existing opportunities
• Do a gap analysis
• Start new programs that are necessary to meet DEL need

4.  Alvernia T. Mills, Mission Support Specialist, NPPD/FPS


BIO: Alvernia T. Mills is a Mission Support Specialist with the Federal Protective Service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and holds a Master of Arts Degree from Prairie View A&M University in Counseling. Alvernia is a leader and innovator in addressing the needs of her community while impacting society as a volunteer and social advocate for over 18 years. She has the ability to organize and lead by example to accomplish the mission.

GOALS: Through her support in a wide range of professional, social, and volunteer initiatives within the community, one of her goals as a Board member for 2015 will be to strive to create an environment of cooperation, dignity and unity through the development of community engagement. She will represent DEL in making a difference in DHS and within the federal government. Alvernia will bring to the Board her, guidance and experience to help advance the goals of our organization.

5.  Alyssa Marlow, Office of Infrastructure Protection, NPPD


BIO: Alyssa Marlow works for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the Office of Infrastructure Protection on the Stakeholder Readiness and Exercise Team. There she manages exercises with private sector critical infrastructure stakeholders, private sector play into various DoD/DHS exercises, and the contingency management function for the Sector Outreach and Programs Division. Prior to that she worked on the External Affairs team as liaison to the DHS Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. In that role she coordinated national-level partnerships including managing stakeholder engagement for the Executive Order 13636: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity & the Presidential Policy Directive-21 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.

Previous positions in DHS have included the Commercial Facilities Sector-Specific Agency, while private sector work included Communications Director for the National Cyber Security Alliance and public affairs for AmeriCorps.

Alyssa Marlow recently completed a DHS sponsored M.S. in National Security Resource Strategy from National Defense University’s Eisenhower School and holds a B.A. with honors from San Diego State University in Journalism.

“Develop Emerge Lead.”

GOALS: With the high rate of senior-level employees either retiring from the federal government, or expected to in the next few years, now is the time it is more critical than ever to ensure we assist those of us in our footsteps to Develop Emerge and Lead. Organizations like DEL help provide that support network, the unofficial link to other Components and Directorates within the Department for the leaders of tomorrow. It is time to give back to those who mentored us and helped us achieve success in the roles we are in now and commit to items like the following:

–Professional development and networking opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere in the Department, by young leaders, for young and emerging leaders.

–Eliminate redundant duplicate efforts, by using existing mechanisms to meet DEL goals. One such example could be attempting to use the existing DHS Mentor program to create a new DEL situational mentorship opportunity, rather than the lengthy one that some cannot commit to for an entire year.

–Ensuring the public facing website is up to date, or that information for DEL can be found on the Intranet and only for DHS employees.

These are just a few of the ideas I would like to implement, but cannot obviously do alone. I look forward to being part of this group.

6.  Philip Fuller, Program Specialist, USCIS

Philip Fuller

Philip is currently a program specialist in the Workforce Development Division (WDD) at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer (DHS OCFO). He joined the Department in 2012 as an intern in the Risk Management and Assurance Division (RM&A), where he conducted analysis relating to internal control matters on a departmental level. While working for RM&A, he also supported the United States Coast Guard on a detail assignment, where he assisted in their real property remediation effort. During his time there, he trained fellow employees in real property asset enrollment, which is when he discovered a passion for training and employee engagement.
Once he converted from intern to federal employee, Philip transferred from RM&A to WDD to follow his passion. He is now the program manager for OCFO’s Employee Development Rotation Program, and supports OCFO’s training program, mentoring program, and conference and awards ceremony planning efforts.

Philip’s extra-curricular activities at the Department include his role as Director of Philanthropy and Outreach on the Homeland Security Employee Association board, and his role as founder and chairman of OCFO’s morale and engagement committee, the Good Times Committee.


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