Why The Young & Bored Can’t Leave Their Government Jobs in 2015

Millennials are leaving the federal government in droves.

In a recent article, The Washington Post notes “the share of the federal workforce under the age of 30 dropped to 7 percent [in 2014], the lowest figure in nearly a decade.”

Moreover, Federal News Radio cited only 34% of millennials are satisfied with their opportunities for advancement.

There are many reasons why we’re leaving. In my conversations with young federal employees, the most cited reasons for leaving include cumbersome regulations and antiquated management styles. In fact, they normally wonder why I stay– citing the large number of inefficiencies, outdated regulations, and restrictive management styles as a huge turn–off and barriers of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Many become disillusioned as their efforts to inject new ideas into a strongly protected system are met with stiff resistance.

So, why would millennials want to stay in the Federal Government? Find out at http://www.capitolstandard.com/why-the-young-bored-cant-leave-their-government-jobs-in-2015-2/#.VK7PWKyYBUk.twitter.


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