What Millennials Really Think About Work

One big stereotype about millennial workers—those under the age of 35—is that they are so absorbed in technology that they have lost the art of communicating in person. After all, to their older colleagues, millennials appear to be permanently staring at screens. Instead of face-to-face conversations, they seem to prefer emailing, gchatting, or texting at work.

But looks are deceiving: According to a recent study from Bentley University, the majority of millennials prefer talking to their colleagues in person. Of the 1,000 millennials surveyed, only 19% preferred email and 14% preferred texting as their primary mode of communication, while 51% favored one-on-one meetings.

Check out the study at http://www.fastcompany.com/3039939/fast-feed/what-millennials-really-think-about-work.

Millennials at Work Infographic


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