Millennials: The Misunderstood Generation

Millennials: The Misunderstood Generation

So what do millennials want, and how do you keep them happy? Through research and a series of one-on-one interviews and focus groups, Karsh found that millennials are looking for their jobs to be:

1) Meaningful: Karsh reported that millennials were willing to take a lower paying job in order to do more meaningful and rewarding work.

2) Collaborative: Millennials get professional fulfillment from working with co-workers on assignments. They did group projects throughout high school and college and, therefore, are used to working in this capacity.

3) Open and Communicative: No news does not necessarily mean good news to millennials—praise and recognition are very important to them. Millennials received trophies and ribbons for first (and last place) growing up and received feedback on just about everything. While it does not mean that mediocrity should be rewarded, millennials prefer to have routine check-ins (daily or weekly) with their supervisors and to receive recognition for a job well done. Millennials also prefer open floor plan workspaces.

4) Flexible: Flexible work arrangements are appealing to millennials who may prefer to work from home one, two or several days a week. Karsh encouraged employers who have not yet put these arrangements in place, to launch a “pilot” program and see how it works.

5) Challenging: Millennials are eager to learn and welcome challenging opportunities or projects.

6) Fun: Millennials are typically more eager than their Gen X or Baby Boomer coworkers to participate in social work activities such as after-work team-building activities, happy hours or work retreats.

7) Structured: Contrary to what some people may believe, millennials actually like structure. They like being told what to do and want individualized career development plans.

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