Quarterly DHS Employee Association Meeting Recap

Quarterly DHS Employee Association Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of today’s meeting with Nimesh Patel (D&I) and the other DHS Employee Associations:

– DHS will host an online clearinghouse list the 18 DHS Employee Associations on DHS Connect.
– In accordance with the DHS Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (http://dhsconnect.dhs.gov/org/comp/mgmt/dhshr/hr/Documents/DHS Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan_FY12-15_signed.pdf) , Employee Associations will be Included in both Recruitment/Hiring and Employee Engagement.
– DHS is developing an Instruction about Employee Associations, that will supplement the Directive 112-06. FAQs include:

I. What Is An Employee Association?
II. How Do We Get Officially Recognized As An Employee Association?
III. What Are the Benefits Of Being Officially Recognized?
IV. Who Provides Support to Department-wide Employee Associations?
V. Can We Use DHS Resources?
a. Electronic Communications
b. Use of Official Time
c. Use of DHS logo and/or Seal
d. Reserving Facilities
e. Food and Vendors
f. Interoffice Mail
g. Newsletters
h. Broadcast emails
i. An active seal/name and/or logo

VI. What Do Employee Associations Need To Know About Planning Heritage or History Month Observances
VII. When Are Employee Association Meetings Conducted?
VIII. Can I Ask for Leave for Employee Association Business?
IX. Are We Allowed to Host Activities, Training and Events?
X. What Are the Rules Regarding Fundraising?

Discussions were on the topics of Fund-Raising, Use of DHS Seal, and other issues.

The Homeland Security Employee Association briefed us on the newly transitioned online store and it’s offer to be an umbrella organization to other employee associations like DEL.


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