Notes From February NextGen Forum Meeting –

Notes From February NextGen Forum Meeting -

First off, NextGen Summit is rocking and rolling! We had over 1,200 people attend our Public Speaking Tips and Tricks webinar today. We’ve also launched our 2014 Speaker Contest…the top 5 winners will get the chance to present at the summit – you may recall our lightning speakers during our last two years… this is who we get them. Please let your networks know about this contest and have them submit their entries before the 20th. You can find all the details here:

Secondly, the meeting two weeks ago was very eye opening and informational. It’s been brought to my attention through several people that it’s now time to take this group to the next level. We can bring it from a forum to a council, bring it more formality and start making bigger change as a cohesive unit.

NextGen Leadership Forum
2/24/2014 Meeting Notes

As you know, these meetings take shape based on who is present and what can be taught, picked up or learned from one another. Moving forward, as we build out the council we will build more structure and legs to the meetings.

During this meeting, we talked a lot about leadership transitions within our ‘NextGen’ groups. Here are a few of the lessons we discussed:

Communication is EVERYTHING. There must be a way for person A to provide all information needed to person B.
– Find a way to share files. If you have an internal drive/cloud see if you can include a folder. If not, see if you can use google docs, group site, sharepoint, dropbox.
– Share your network. Who are the stakeholders this person needs to know when assuming your role? What are the personalities and how they can help further the cuase?

Timing of transitions are important. Make sure you’re picking a slower time in the groups calendar.
– If you’re the one leaving, try to build in a grace period where you are still available for questions and the new person understands their ground. More questions come to people as they assume the role and have unanswered questions.
– If possible, don’t pick an entirely new board. Rotate positions that are new each phase so you have some old and some new members present during each transition. Keeps a continuity of operations, but brings in new and fresh ideas.

New ideas you can incorporate now to prep for a future transition.
– Invite members of the organization (not on the board) to sit in on the board meetings. This allows you to hear new ideas and how they perceive what’s really going on – remember perception is reality.


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