Nominations open for 2014 Causey Awards

Nominations open for 2014 Causey Awards

Being a federal employee over the last few years has not been easy. Feds have dealt with everything from pay and hiring freezes, to tighter budgets, furloughs and falling morale.
But at some agencies, dealing with these issues was easier thanks to innovative human resources ideas.

Federal News Radio’s 5th Annual Causey Awards seek to recognize and honor the good works of people who challenged the status quo and changed, for the better, human capital management.

Nominate someone today for his or her outstanding achievements and important human capital/human resources contributions. While we’re looking for people who made a difference in the HR world, they don’t necessarily have to work in an HR role. In the past, we’ve honored CIOs, a chief of staff, and an inspector general, in addition to human resources professionals, all for their contributions in the HR arena.

Past winners have been chosen for their ability to avoid furloughs and reductions-in-force, improving labor-management relationships, and developing initiatives beneficial to minorities, veterans and people with disabilities.

The nominee can be a federal government employee or federal contractor. The work for which they are nominated must have been accomplished in 2013.

Federal News Radio will accept nominations for the Causey Awards through March 16, 2014.


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