2014 Slate of DEL Co-President and Executive Board Nominees

2014 Slate of DEL Co-President and Executive Board Nominees

DHS Emerging Leader Executive Board Nominations


1. Raymond Brown
Program Specialist/Career and Professional Development
TSA HQ/Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement (OSPIE)
During my 4 years at TSA HQ I’ve served as the TSA HQ Employee Advisory Council Chair where I reported directly to the AA Mr. Pistole on various issues and projects. I also serve as the TSA Employee Recreation Morale Associate President and I currently serve as a Chair on the TSA HQ Diversity Advisory Council where we have implemented several high profile recommendations for HQ and the field including a Mentoring Program and a Career and Development Assistant Program. I’ve also serve currently as Chair of the Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement’s Employee Advisory Council where we just recently implemented 4 very high level recommendations. In addition I served on the Executive Board of the TSA Toastmasters program. My goals are to improve the overall health of the organization, boost morale and improve work life balance across the agency. I am driven to help people and added value to any organization I join.
I would be honored to serve as a Co-President on the DEL Executive Board. I believe my social and technical skills would help DEL grow as an organization.

2. Michael A. Stone, DBA, CHPP
Program Analyst
ESEC – DHS Efficiency Review Fellows Program – Detail
NPPD/IP/SOPD – Commercial Facilities Sector
I am a result oriented, hands-on person with an aspiration to continually progress and at least try to make processes better than I found them, within my control and authorization. My work ethic strongly emphasizes teamwork and I have the ability for quick adaptation to changing work environments.
I will always strive for fairness, demonstrate transparency, and ensure that we have equality for new employees and junior leaders. I would try to provide the opportunity for these voices to be heard and try to minimize frustration. My goals are to bring real solutions with me to the position and not issues and non-actionable discussions. As an emerging leader, I have taken the Foundations [courageous followers] and Milestones of Leadership, and Emerging Leader’s courses (I also participated in the Quadrennial Review Pilot session).
Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to gain comprehensive insight about DHS and contribute to the enhancement of the organization and continual success of the DEL program. Lastly, I care about our future, the interests of others and having “one DHS”, and one voice by providing actionable leadership. Thank you for the consideration as I look forward to hearing back from you.

Executive Board Member Nominations

1. Anna Schwoch
Staff Advisor
Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS)
Anna Schwoch works in the Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) as a Staff Advisor to the Administration Branch Chief. Among other things, in this capacity she helps to foster teambuilding within her branch and acts as a liaison between her division and other divisions within OPS to provide guidance on, and reviews of, policies and practices associated with administrative functions within the component. This past year she also worked with the OPS Chief of Staff to promote and support employee engagement within OPS and will be continuing this work. Her involvement includes analyzing the 2012 Employee Viewpoint Survey, conducting focus groups, and recommending actions to address the major issues identified in the focus groups, several of which are in the area of professional development. Each year she participates in a number of DEL’s service projects and would like to become more involved as an Executive Board Member so she can help develop and streamline policies/practices across DHS and foster career development across the department, as well as sharing best practices and lessons learned when possible.

2. Alessandra Pagnotti
Program Analyst
I am a new member of the DHS community, currently working at FEMA as a Program Analyst in the Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer. I have a strong leadership background – serving as President of the University of Maryland Habitat for Humanity and Vanderbilt Law Students for Social Justice. I am passionate about creating opportunities for people across DHS to engage and make a difference. I truly hope to serve on the DEL board.
DEL Goals:
-Engage, empower, and inspire both junior and new employees through hosting at least one professional, networking, social, or volunteer service opportunity per month.
-Raise awareness of DEL and the opportunities available; also increase participation in all areas. Conduct an assessment survey to see what current perception is, where and how people want to be involved, and what new employee greatest needs are. Use the results to develop a strategic plan for long-range planning for DEL.

3. Justina Llewellyn
Chief, Facilities Field Operations Branch
Department of Homeland Security
National Protection and Programs Directorate
Brief Biography: I worked with the Federal Government going on 12 years with the last 3 years with DHS. I am responsible for setting up a new branch office in Texas while managing a dynamic real estate portfolio for the Federal Protective Service across the country. I have also held various positions from student aid, intern, to now a GS-14. I bring a unique perspective as residing in the field, but ultimately functioning as part of a headquarters element. In addition, I have experience in a law enforcement environment as well as administrative environment (prior work experience with GSA).
My goals would be retention and providing better opportunities in the field for advancement (without personnel having to leave the agency); training opportunities by cross networking with other DHS components since budgets are tight, and better communication by bridging the gap between oversight (DC) and the actual mission work (field).

4. Terrence (Terry) Hill
HR Specialist
Terry was an original member of the predecessor to DEL – Homeland Young Professionals and is an current board member. He has a passion for ensuring that new, younger employees are engaged and have a voice within DHS. He coordinates all DEL volunteer community service projects in the Washington, DC area. He initiated the first “speed mentoring” session and was previously the DHS Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) coordinator, arranging visits with DHS leaders and onsite visits to components in the DC area. He is an active blogger on the DEL website, the DEL LinkedIn site, and GovLoop, sharing news and special announcements with members. His goal is to form a coalition of all agency employee associations, GovLoop, and YGL, to make the Federal workplace more engaging for the next generation.

5. Adam Tabaka
Program Analyst
Departmental GAO-OIG Liaison Office
Office of the Chief Financial Office (OCFO)
I would like to nominate myself as a DEL Board Member. I have been working at DHS since March 2012 as a Departmental Audit Liaison in the OCFO for CBP, CRCL, ICE, IGA and PLCY interacting with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the DHS OIG. I would like to apply my on the job training to the DEL Board through my skills as a liaison and presenting a “One DHS” voice. I am also an active volunteer in DHS volunteer events such as CFC and morale-boosting activities, and I’m looking to improve morale throughout DHS through more networking events for members of the Department.

6. Jennifer Lincoln Sheriff
Chief, Statistical Tracking Unit
Current Component: ICE/ERO
I have worked for DHS since its creation, I am a legacy INS employee. I have watched the agency grown and have grown into a leadership position within ICE over this time. I am currently completing my master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, in National Public Safety, with an expected graduation of May 2014. I am a Washington, DC native and would like to see DHS continue to flourish.

7. Mark Bardwell
Associate Director of Congressional Actions
Office of the Executive Secretary
A former Presidential Management Fellow and present attorney in the Executive Secretariat at DHS HQ. He has previously worked at the FDA, the US Department of Education, and the United Nations. Outside work, Mark serves on the staff of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, where he makes a global impact hosting events with members of Congress, diplomats, and scientific minds on the future of American grand strategy. Mark is also an avid runner and can be found on the Mall with a frisbee at the first hint of spring.
List of goals: Host at least one event with senior leadership (e.g., Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chief of Staff, etc.) per quarter. Give DHS emerging leaders a chance to engage with their leadership through open Q&A sessions, lunches, and work details.

8. Dr. Danielle Rowell, Ph.D.
Network Information Officer
Transportation Security Officer/TSA
Blue Grass Airport (LEX), Lexington, KY
Dr. Danielle Rowell received her Ph.D. in political science, public administration and public policy from the Rockefeller School of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, SUNY in 2009. Dr. Rowell holds multiple professional development certifications specializing in emergency management and homeland security from the Department of Defense, Defense Security Academy/IOSS; Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, Emergency Management Institute; and the U.S. Department of Justice/SLED initiative. Dr. Rowell possesses more than 19-years of supervisory, management and leadership experience spanning the public, profit, educational and non-profit sectors. Dr. Rowell’s supervisory and leadership style is founded upon the idea that the most efficient and effective workforce is one built upon the tenets of continuous improvement and workforce engagement, which is best attained through the conscious creation of an organizational structure that promulgates a clear organizational mission with transferable performance goals and a set of core values (e.g., teamwork, integrity and innovation). Whether serving on a higher education program accreditation committee, workforce engagement or operational management committee, I am recognized for my innate ability to identify areas in need of continuous improvement and the strategic vision to develop and successfully implement change management policy. I am recognized for developing and implementing Best Practices approaches in every industry in which I have worked.
Here are just a few highlights of what I can bring to the position:
• Experience designing, developing and delivering professional development / continuing education training.
• A proven record of delivering projects on time in within budget while balancing the needs of cross-functional teams within a matrix environment.
• Supervisory and leadership experience.
• Strategic vision, innovation and creativity.

9. Eric Rosner
FEMA, Nation Preparedness Directorate, National Integration Center
Eric Rosner is a Presidential Management Fellow and a Program Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in political science and has a juris doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law. He previously worked for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as an Immigration Services Officer and currently works on a team dedicated to emergency management policy and doctrine. He strongly believes in the DHS mission of security and resilience and hopes to continue improving the Department with the next generation of leaders.

10. Brendan Heavey
U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Internal Affairs – Investigative Operations Division
Brendan Heavey has served his country honorably first as a soldier in the United States Army, then as a Special Agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). His current position is with CBP Internal Affairs and is responsible for ensuring compliance with all CBP wide programs and policies relating to corruption, misconduct, or mismanagement and for executing the internal security, integrity, and management inspections programs.
Mr. Heavey has a B.A. from George Mason University and is pursuing an M.B.A. with the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. Mr. Heavey is also an accomplished chef having attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and cooking at Michelin starred restaurants in New York City, as well as restaurants in Chicago and Washington DC.
“My primary goal as an Executive Board Member will be Market Exposure for DHS Emerging Leaders. I want us to be THE #1 organization for networking, training, and career improvement for anyone with the desire to lead DHS in the future.”

11. Barbara McEvoy
Program Specialist
Regional and Disaster Operations at FIMA/FEMA.
Bio/Goals: In 2005, while working as a State counterpart for FEMA Mitigation programs, I identified FEMA as an Agency I would like begin a career with. Working hard toward my goal, through education, training, professional organizations, networking and several states- Idaho to Colorado to Washington DC- I worked through opportunities until I found myself working for FEMA ( three years as of October 10, 2013). As an Emerging Leader (current), I became aware of the existing opportunities in the Agency that encourages people to professionally grow not only as employees but into individual leaders. I would like to be a part of a termed decision making team who can continue to identify these opportunities and direct our emerging leaders to the resources that surround them and that will fulfill their dreams of professionalism in a worthy career.

12. Marianna Du Bosq
Assistant Director, Business Integration
Management, Office of the Chief Financial Officer
No Bio/Goals Provided.


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