NextGen 2014 – Your Ideas for Topics

NextGen 2014 - Your Ideas for Topics

Not having any input stinks! With that in mind, each year, NextGen asks you what you want: speakers, topics and general ideas or suggestions for the 2014 Summit and then we go about making them happen… seriously:

Last year you asked for Jennifer Pahlka and a Streghth’s Finder session – both were at last year’s summit. (Here’s a video of Jennifer speaking: A Smarter, More Innovative Government – Jennifer Pahlka)

Share Your Ideas/Suggestions For Content at NextGen 2014

What type of suggestions are we looking for?
• What type of sessions do you need to advance your skill set?
• Is there anyone in particular you want to hear speak?
• Are you working on anything cool you want to share?

Help Us Make NextGen 2014 Great With Your Input
NextGen is about govies helping govies make government better, so give us some quick feedback then sit back and relax while we go about building you a personalized government training that will knock your socks off in July 2014.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas and people who fill our the full form will score some NextGen swag mailed directly to them.



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