DHS Employees Volunteer to Help Rebuild the Gulf Coast

DHS Employees Volunteer to Help Rebuild the Gulf Coast

The Golden Girls of the Gulf became our pet name as our team of 5 ladies set out to build a house! Of course, we didn’t get one built in 1 week but we did accomplish a lot of work. We spent two days “weatherizing” existing homes. Habitat helps qualified homeowners install many items which make their homes more energy efficient so we learned to caulk, use spray foam insulation, install receptacle gaskets, weather stripping, and energy efficient light bulbs. At the new build in Pascagoula, we built scaffolding, weatherized the walls, installed hurricane strapping on roof tresses using new skills taught by the wonderful volunteers of AmeriCorp. One highlight of our experience was attending a Home Dedication ceremony for a family whose new home won awards for its energy efficiency. All of the girls beamed as we left agreeing this was one of the most rewarding experiences of our life. Thanks to the Habitat staff we learned many new skills we can use over and over.

Volunteers were: Tijuana Wright from CBP; Nora Fuentes from DHS HQ; Teresa Patterson from USCIS; Colleen Crenshaw from USCIS; and Barbara Taylor from Dept of Defense.


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