DHS Employees Volunteer at Teen Shelter

DHS Employees Volunteer at Teen Shelter

DHS Emerging Leaders volunteered at an Alternative House program in Vienna, VA. Alternative House transforms the lives of children and youth helping them stay safe, make positive decisions, achieve educational success, and overcome personal crises. They also offer children, youth and families hope for a brighter future by providing counseling, shelter and neighborhood-based support. There are four programs that encompass Alternative House: Emergency Shelter for Teens, Homeless Youth Initiative, Assisting Young Mothers, Community Based Youth Services and the 24-hour crisis hotline.

DHS Emerging Leaders volunteered at the Emergency Shelter for Teens on Saturday, February 09, 2013. We were tasked with cleaning and organizing the basement and some common rooms of the shelter. We organized the pantry by discarding expired or open food and wiping down shelves. We also organized donations they received by folding clothes, going through donated toiletries, games and sport equipment. Also, we went from top to bottom in cleaning the shelter by sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and discarding trash.


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